Meet Nicole

Our Founder

The founder of Locally Obsessed, Nicole Meredith, has always been a treasure hunter. Growing up in a family of farmers and artisans, she would wander antique shops with her mom and get a thrill from discovering unique items. Nicole’s adventurous and inquisitive nature didn’t stop there, as she grew older, her passion turned to travel. However, with far-off destinations not always being an option she decided to fulfill her sense of adventure by exploring her own backyard. It wasn’t long before Nicole realized she was living right in the middle of a treasure chest and that she was surrounded by creative, talented and passionate entrepreneurs in her own community. That’s when the idea of Locally Obsessed was born. Nicole wanted to find a way to bring these beautiful crafts and products to more people while simultaneously connecting those in the community. Her goal is to get people out exploring and appreciating the areas they live in, support small businesses and strengthen local communities. She wants people to try, and fall in love with, products and brands they didn’t even know existed. With a dream to connect communities through meaningful and supportive interactions, Locally Obsessed is here to help you be a tourist in your own backyard so that you too, can #belocallyobsessed.

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xo Nicole