The Himmeli, Our Current Decor Obsession!

Himmeli West Designs

Last month our Chilliwack subscribers were treated to a himmeli from Himmeli West Designs.  They are technically air plant holders however they make great centerpieces, can hold  any type of flower or foliage and also, stand alone beautifully!

Air Plant Holder by Himmeli West Designs

A little background on our maker…

Lisa from Himmeli West started creating himmeli wreaths two years ago, after a series of moves and construction delays left them in temporary housing over the holidays with all of their decorations (and everything else!) in storage.   She came across himmeli wreaths online and taught herself how to make them to decorate her home for Christmas.   Himmeli are a Finnish Christmas / winter decoration, traditionally made from straw from various grains like rye or wheat.  These days, many materials are used, including the brass that Himmeli West uses in their designs.

Himmeli Mobile by Himmeli West Designs

The following February, Lisa found out her daughter was expecting, and taught herself how to make a himmeli mobile to give as a gift.  Between the wreaths and the mobiles, she was hooked, and after great feedback from friends and family, decided to create an Etsy shop and frequent local markets.  In addition to wreaths and mobiles, Himmeli West also offers ornaments, plant holders, and centerpieces!

Himmeli West Designs featured in Locally Obsessed

Take a look at this great local maker – her creations are lovely and complement any décor!  Her shop is closed as of December 15th but will reopen in the new year, the perfect time to update your home décor!

They also offer DIY wreath kits for those of you who are making resolutions to pick up a new hobby!

Himmeli Wreath by Himmeli West Designs

Photo cred: Himmeli West Designs