A Little Sparkle from Meshell Lee Designs!

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In June, our Abbotsford subscribers received something I was very excited to share: original handmade druzy earrings from Meshell Lee Designs.


I first met Michelle at a market in January.  She had a lovely booth, and after seeing all her essential oil diffusing jewelry I knew that I had to include her work in one of our bags! I saw that Michelle was making druzy earrings unlike any I have seen before, and after finding out more about them, I knew they were the product I wanted to feature.

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I asked Michelle to help me explain her products, and she provided me with the quote below.  “My earrings are not geode druzy which is why they are different. These are actual gemstones. Druzy crystals are found in a rock and can take on a shiny appearance. I’m all about natural products. I bought some druzy earrings years ago not knowing any different and they weren’t real druzy. They were crushed glass and glitter. Hence why they fell apart and cut my skin. I’m just only one person but I haven’t seen studs with just gemstones. It’s fun being unique.”

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There were so many beautiful stones that I couldn’t decide on one to include, so there were quite a few different options, including peridot, aquamarine and black obsidian. I am so lucky to have had the pleasure of working with this wonderful lady.


Michelle is always sharing her creations on her social media, which I recommend you follow, to add a bit of sparkle to your news feed!

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Nicole Meredith