Behind the Scenes on Our New Look!

Alyssa Dawson Photography - Locally Obsessed - Chilliwack - BC

Locally Obsessed just underwent a major aesthetic overhaul.  It may not be very cool to disclose all of our behind the scenes secrets but as a strong believer in helping provide information and tips to other small businesses, I feel the need to share!

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When operating as a small business it is SO important to have a strong brand.  Something that identifies you to your audience.  People should be able to look at any photo, quote or content you post and know who has posted it without reading the name of the company.

I tend to have lots of ideas... some times too many.  I can be all over the place and I needed to find some help in narrowing down my vision for Locally Obsessed.  I came across Nat Park Collective on social media and loved their style.  Their Instagram feed is gorgeous, and browsing through their past projects I knew these would be the ladies to help me finally find my focus.

I wasn’t wrong. 

Gill and Tegan from Nat Park helped me choose fonts and colour scheme, graphics, brand story, values and messages and so much more.  This process gave me SO MUCH confidence in myself, my company and my brand. I am ready to change the world!

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Not only does Nat Park Collective offer amazing branding packages they also offer web design and work closely with a photographer and videographer to help bring your brand vision to life.

First, let’s talk website.  Man did I ever need a new website, mine was glitchy and hard to navigate and plain old ugly!  My website is always something I leave on the back burner and a complete overhaul was necessary.  They did an amazing job creating something that is visually appealing but that will also accommodate my current business plan as well as any future secret plans I might be hiding : )

Alyssa Dawson Photography - Locally Obsessed Subscription

Lastly, photography services.  Gill and Tegan work with Alyssa Dawson Photography.  I am so so so happy with the photos she provided. 

Locally Obsessed British Columbia
Locally Obsessed, BC Blueberries
Be Locally Obsessed

Alyssa drove all the way out from Vancouver for a THREE HOUR photo shoot at THREE DIFFERENT locations, she is such a trooper!  She made our session so comfortable and laid back!

Vedder River Chilliwack BC

Alyssa helped me improve my Instagram grid like no one’s business.  Just having her help on one photo shoot has inspired me.

This is my is my grid from February:

Locally Obsessed Instagram

This is now:


See the difference? 

I could go on forever about the impact that these three women have made for my business.

You might think that it’s easy and that you can just do it on your own.  NO YOU CAN’T! Lol, I tried and I honestly think that having them provide the guidance that I didn’t realize I needed is going to make the biggest difference in the future of Locally Obsessed.

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