EXPLORE MORE - Cates Park, Deep Cove, BC

This month we have made it a goal to explore more!

My kids and I were recently stuck with a gorgeous day, no plans and the desire to visit the Ocean!

In the past we would head to White Rock because that has always been our go to. Growing up we never ventured any farther (unless it was an official family vacation) I decided that we needed to break free from the normal and do a little more exploring!

The kids and I love tide pooling and sea glass collecting so I did a quick Google search for some good beaches to do such things and Cates Park (Whey-Ah-Whichen) in North Vancouver showed up with good reviews so, we packed up the car and drove away!

Cates Park, BC

As I mentioned before, it was a beautiful day, the tulip trees and cherry blossoms and daffodils were just starting to bloom and I thought to myself….this would be a great spot for Engagement photos!

Retired from photography for over a year and I still can’t shut my photographers brain off!

Tulip Tree, North Vancouver, BC

We got there early in the afternoon and my little ones wasted no time and immediately started beach combing!

Cates Beach, Beach coming in BC
Beach Glass, Sea Glass, Vancouver BC

If beach glass is your game, Cates Park will not disappoint!

Sea Glass

Cates Park (Whey-Ah-Whichen) has a strong Aboriginal presence that you can see throughout the park. A little research told me that the totem poles recall the interwar years when the area was a favourite location for aquatic activities such as canoe races, swimming and diving competitions.

Totem Pole. North Vancouver BC
Totem Pole in Canada

I did a little research on the tide schedule before I left as well, making sure that it would be low enough for us to explore. At low tide you can search for starfish and crabs or just enjoy the beautiful scenery. We managed to find said starfish, crabs and then some!

Tide Pooling in British Columbia

Another great thing about this park is the playground, my kids loved spending time there and making new Friends! There is also a large grassy field which had my youngest playing an impromptu game of soccer!

Park in British Columbia

I wanted to travel light, and it is good I did because we covered so much ground! I didn’t pack my big camera and I wasn’t able to see what I was shooting due to the glare on my phone but I think we did an alright job! Next time I’ll swap something else for my big camera, there were so many cool things to photograph!

Deep Cove British Columbia
Deep Cove, North Vancouver

There is a fantastic pier and boat launch as well. My kiddos loved sitting and watching the fish swim around in the Ocean.

Cates Park, Explore BC
Piers in British Columbia

All in all it was a fantastic day in the sun. We managed to come home with lots of treasures and clean up the beach in the process!

Beach Glass Collection

If you want to give Cates park a try, the address is: 4141 Dollarton Hwy, North Vancouver, BC

Here is a link to the tide schedules we used, it will come in handy for planning!