It's Candle Season! with Caribou Candle co

Photo Credit:  @naturallycadie

Photo Credit: @naturallycadie

Candle season is almost here! I love candles and I usually have them burning all year round.  A few months ago, we featured citronella candles from Caribou Candle Company, one of the best ways to keep bugs away and a candle burning through the summer months!   I wanted to take some time to highlight Caribou Candle Co, and encourage everyone to stock up for cozy season!   They are an Aldergrove-based small business that creates handmade, all-natural, plant-based candles.  All colour is created with natural ingredients and all scents are from homemade essential oils – these are truly clean burning candles.

Caribou Candle co featured in Locally Obsessed

Caribou Candle Company was created nine years ago by Kayla.  She was researching long-lasting candles, and found that soy based candles are among the best burning as well as least allergenic. She got her first five pound bag of wax and started experimenting with making her own candles.  After nine years, Kayla has perfected her product and expanded her line. Caribou Candle Co. now offers four different sized mason jar candles, wax melts, tarts, tea lights, votive, and pillar candles. 

Photo Credit:: Caribou Candle co

Photo Credit:: Caribou Candle co

I had a chance to speak with Kayla and interview her about her business!

1) What is your favourite candle scent?

I absolutely LOVE my rose scent! I have a few different kinds of roses that I grow in my garden that I end up mixing together to make a VERY strong rose aroma. I love how I can smell my roses in candle form whenever I like, through the whole year!

2) How are your products scented?

Each ingredient is carefully picked by hand, whether it be flowers, fruits, or vegetables, homegrown or from local farmers and florists and then goes through a long process of what we call "steeping."  Jojoba oil or coconut oil are most commonly used for this step and both bind well with the soy wax and ingredients used!

3)How are your candles coloured?

I use a dehydrator to dry out local ingredients, which are then ground to a fine powder that I mix into the wax and oils to colour them.

Photo Credit:: Caribou Candle co

Photo Credit:: Caribou Candle co

2) What are your plans for Caribou Candle?

Short term: I want to continue to educate people why purchasing items and products made from natural sustainable resources help everyone - from the farmer, to the maker, and to the consumer! I plan on continuing to work on building relationships with store owners across North America and find new stockists that share the same values as I do. I will continue to grow more of my candle ingredients right at home, and locally source out new ingredients. I love creating new oils and scents and am always open to new suggestions for blends! 
Long term: To travel the world and capture the essence of different cultures and recreate them in candle form! To possibly have my own brick and mortar shop to teach others about what I do and how I do it, and reach larger audiences! To be able to speak to large groups of people about the importance of knowing what is in your day-to-day products. I am passionate about teaching!

3) Who inspires you/or is your favourite small business. 

There are a huge number of other makers and business owners that inspire me so much!! Tammy with The Relaxation Hut, Shannon with Grey and Beau, Ange with West Coast Artisan Collective, Michelle with Teepees 4 Tots, Carleigh with Riverbug Love, Kristin with Baby Boos Teethers, just to name a few! Other small business owners that have gone through the grind, just like I have, that have gone through their struggles to make a solid foundation and build a decent return customer base for their business to stay afloat are people I truly admire! It's hard for me to pick just one that is my favourite or just one that inspires me, because I can learn something from and admire a quality or trait in everyone!

4) Is there anything you'd like me to include in the blog post. 

I love to collaborate and work with people and always welcome ideas, feedback and the opportunity to learn and grow! Life is a lot more fun and positive if we encourage each other instead of compete!

Photo Credit:  @Marissapatry

Photo Credit: @Marissapatry

Kayla is a collaborative person. This means she chooses to work with people instead of compete with them.  There is so much to learn from the positive association of people you surround yourself with! Everyday she strives to be economically friendly and support sustainable resources wherever and whenever she can! By educating others on the footprint each person makes on the planet, it makes it easier to make the switch from plastic to ocean-friendly alternatives!

Photo Credit: Caribou Candle co

Photo Credit: Caribou Candle co