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It's Candle Season! with Caribou Candle co

Caribou Candle Co. carefully handpours and creates each individual candle. Every ingredient is 100% natural from the wax to the wick, as well as what's used to colour and scent. Candles you can trust!

Homemade, naturally coloured & scented soy candles in mason jars that make perfect gifts, favors, and home decor!

Located in Aldergrove.

Six years ago, in 2010, I was a nineteen year old looking for another craft project, My whole life I had created whatever I saw in my imagination with whatever materials you could possibly think of. Eventually, through my teen years, I grew extremely bored! One can only make so many pieces of jewelry, shape clay into sculptures, paint countless sheets of canvas, mix and mold soaps, bath bombs, and so on, until you need a change of pace! It was time to try something else!

It was 3 weeks to Christmas and I remember there being a mass power outage that lasted 4 days in my area and all of the candles I had didn't last more than a day (at most) each. Like most people, batteries seem to be easy to find when you don't need them, but go missing when you do. Once the power was restored, I was curious about long-lasting candles and if there were any. After some research, I found soy to be the best with an added perk of being all-natural AND least prone to trigger allergies - I have lots of allergies in my family! You could say that the power outage was more of a blessing in disguise because in all reality, its what sparked this whole journey for me!

I got my first 5lb wax bag and started experimenting right away! I had made some for Christmas gifts the following year for family and close friends and got lots of reviews - good and bad. I took that as a challenge and began trying to fix those problems brought to my attention. Such as, an even burn pool all the way to the bottom, adding fragrance, colours, burning the entire diameter across the candle, and trying different wicks.

I got the hang of it and began getting more amazing reviews and eventually, ZERO negative comments! I kept making more and more soy candles, then got asked to make 50 candles with decorated containers for a friend's wedding! Of course I said yes and charged her only for the cost of the materials I used. The wedding guests were so in love with them that I started getting asked to make more and sell them. I had no real vision on what I wanted to do and how far I would take a candle company, let alone start one. I also had no clue on how much my materials cost, and how long it took to make each candle, and where to even start!

But, here we are now, four years later, and I have created the product I am proud to put my name on and to call it my final product!! Doing what I love, and loving what I do is what really drives me to continue to build my name and gain an audience of people who love my candles as much as I do! I hope to find my business take off to the point where I could provide stock to a number of stores, where more people can find and enjoy these natural, vegan friendly, long lasting candles!

Of course there will be more wax products added to my company product line. Early in the new year, there will be three beautiful new creations introduced, but it won't stop there! My ambition is strong and I have grown intrigued and deeply inspired by rustic and vintage pieces! The mason jar candles are only the tip of the block! There will be more!
Stay tuned for a broader product line!

Caribou Candle Co. handmakes and creates all-natural vegan-friendly candles to enjoy indoors and outdoors! With zero additives or artificial ingredients, there's nothing but clean burning! All colouring is achieved by natural ingredients and all scents are either an essential oil blend or homemade naturally derived oils!

Homemade, all-natural, even-burning, and long lasting soy wax products with the pleasant scents that never fade! Inspired by all things vintage, these guilt-free indulgences have a rustic look that give their overall appeal!

How are they scented? Each ingredient is carefully picked by hand, whether it be flowers, fruits, or vegetables homegrown or from local farmers and florists and then goes through a long process of what we call "steeping". Jojoba oil or coconut oil are most commonly used for this step and both bind well with the soy wax and ingredients used!


How are they coloured? With the help of a dehydrator, again, all the ingredients are sourced from local farms and florists and have a long wait while they shrivel up, later, to become fine powders that are mixed into the wax and oils!

From 4 different sized mason jar candles, to wax melts, tarts, tea lights, and votive and pillar candles - With plenty of options and variations to choose from, there is bound to be something everyone can enjoy!


Our mission is to inspire healthy living around the world, and for us, that means starting with something as small and simple as a candle!

Who Am I?

My name is Kayla Jensen - the human that owns + runs Caribou Candle Co.
I am a momma of two young beautiful children: an almost 3 year old daughter named Blayke + a baby boy that we welcomed in December 2018 named Logan.
I have been blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom, which means I wear many hats. I am also a birth + postpartum doula (which I am also passionate about. Find out more about my doula business HERE! ), a maker, a creative thinker, a busy-bee, an entrepreneur, a hunter, a cleaner-upper, a booboo kisser, a gardener, a scientist, a soother-search-and-rescue-finder, a collaborative + a lover of all things outdoors.

I started making candles back in 2010 + fast forward to 2019, I have built a business around my hobby which eventually became an ambitious + inspiring adventure.

My love for candles all stems from people, but on a much deeper level! People are attracted to scents that subconsciously connect them to an experience or memory. And watching someone smell a candle that resides with them, taking them back to the experience every time they smell it, bringing them back to a fond memory - is such a feel-good feeling! I also find my inspiration from simply being outside! The smells, the feels, the sounds, even the taste of food... maybe I sound crazy, but my senses are always “on” to find the next candle scent to make!

I am a collaborative person. This means, I choose to work with people instead of compete or be against others. I truly believe you can learn so much from the positive association of people you surround yourself with! Everyday, I strive to be economically friendly + support sustainable resources wherever + whenever I can! By educating others on the footprint each person makes on the planet, it makes it easier to make the switch from plastic to ocean-friendly alternatives! This way of living, breathing + thinking correlates + goes hand-in-hand with my candle business from the packaging, right down to the ingredients + supplies used to make them. I have achieved a process in making my candles to the point where nothing is synthetic or artificial! ALL candles are made with natural ingredients - right down to the wick! Making them includes: dehydrating, steeping, boiling and mixing.

I want to take a moment to thank my loyal + loving customers + supporters! A lot of you have become my friends + I can’t express my gratitude enough! Thankyou for helping me grow my business, give me feedback as I grow + change, + support me in multiple ways! So grateful for you!  

- Kayla Jensen

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